WGS 84 - Latitud: 67,4592331 - Longitud: 21,9123478

Camp Nurmajärvi by Urskogens


Our fishing camp is located between Kalix and Tornea river and we are in close proximity to Lanio river.
The area also provides a large number of lakes with challenging fishing. In the summer months you can fish all day under the ligth of the midnight sun.
During the winter you can experince great icefishing with the spring sun warming your face or in complete solitude looking up at the marvel of the northern lights.

Winter or summer fishing by your request!

In the Kalix river that still remains one of the few unregelated big rivers in Sweden you can fish for Salmon , Salmon trout, Trout, Grayling, Char, Perch and Pike. There are also a great number of lakes in the area that offers great fishing.

Masugnsbyns FVOF, Fishing permit.

1 day 200 SEK
3 days 300 SEK
1 week 400 SEK

Ruutijärvi Lake (Trout, char & greyling)

1 day 200 SEK

We can customise your experince!

Family fishing trips with great experinceses for both small and big fishermens where you can catch Salmon in the river or an old big pike in one of the many lakes nearby. You may also follow our guide on a trip that requires both stamina, skill and a bit of luck.

Parakka FVO, Fishing permit.

1 day 200kr
3 days 300kr
1 week 400kr

Feel free to contact us with your request!