Welcome to Urskogens hunting, fishing and adventure.

We are a family driven business in Parakka, the vast wilderness in the northernmost of Sweden, where simplicity is the keyword.
We offer hunting, fishing, crafts, courses and adventures. All with a base at Camp Nurmajaervi, a place where nature
is just around the corner. Camp Nurmajaervi is placed in the heart of the forest and a first-hand choice if you are looking for simplicity but still want full service.
It's also the place to be if you are searching for silence, serenity and solitude. The camp has no electricity, the heating comes from the
wooden stove and gas. The light in the evening comes through solar power. There is a wooden sauna which will warm your after a day in the woods and a BBQ-hut where fire is the only energy necessary.
And of course, we will be there to take care of you.


Camp Nurmajärvi simple accomodations with great possiblities!


Find your next hunting adventure
at camp Nurmajaervi!


Fishing in Kalix river rapids!

Hutning license

Hunting licens only for Swedish citizens!

WGS 84 - Latitud: 67,4592331 - Longitud: 21,9123478

Camp Nurmajärvi by Urskogens

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