WGS 84 - Latitud: 67,4592331 - Longitud: 21,9123478

Camp Nurmajärvi by Urskogens


At camp Nurmajaervi you can hunt for game birds as capercaillie, black grouse, willow grouse and hazel grouse or small game as roe deer, red fox, hare, marten.
You will get the possibilitie to hunt in a diverse landscape consiting of wild woods, mountains, mires and river shores.
You have the chocie to hunt on your own or together with a guide to better yout chances.
For guided hunts, please contact us!

Hunting area 1

10 000 Acres

No hunting allowed week 36-37 2019

Hunting permit:
1 day 250 SEK
3 days 600 SEK
1 week 1100 SEK

Hunting Area 2

1250 Acres

Only guided hunts.

Contact us for price.

With bigger groups or other hunting arrangments, please contact us!